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1. General

1. BEELDT is an initiative of Hans Jeths Studio, which is part of Jeths Productions.

2. These delivery conditions apply to all products of Jeths Productions.

3. When purchasing products you automatically (tacitly) agree to these terms and conditions. If you object to these conditions, you can only make this known in writing and prior to delivery.

4. These terms of delivery can be adjusted by Hans Jeths at any time.

2. Payments and delivery time

1. By placing an order you indicate that you agree with these payment conditions. These conditions apply to all orders, unless otherwise agreed in writing in consultation with both parties.

2. After placing your order you will receive an invoice as soon as possible with a description of the order, the costs and the bank details to pay the invoice. The order will be sent by post after receipt of the full invoice amount.

3. The payment term of the invoice is 7 days, unless otherwise agreed. If you have not paid the amount due or have not paid in full within the payment term, the outstanding amount will be increased by € 10 in administration costs plus the applicable statutory interest. If the amount has not been paid in full 30 days after the invoice date, we are obliged to give you notice of default and to hand over the claim to a collection agency. All additional costs are then for your account.

4. The delivery time may differ per product. If desired, you can request the estimated delivery time.

3. Complaints, Liability & Responsibility

1. Complaints regarding the delivered work must be submitted to Hans Jeths in writing as soon as possible, but in any case within 7 working days after delivery of the photos or artworks. Jeths Productions has the right to deliver good work for rejected work within a reasonable period of time.

2. Under no circumstances is it possible to claim money back. In the event of dissatisfaction, a new appointment may be made to still achieve the desired goal. This is only possible if an official complaint has been submitted within 10 days according to point 3.1.

3. It is under no circumstances possible to make (damage) claims on Jeths Productions, in any sense whatsoever.

4. Return Policy

1. You have 5 days to return your order after you receive it.

2. If you believe that the work received is not what you expected, please contact us before returning it.

3. Unless agreements have been made with you, you are responsible for the postage of the return.

4. If the work is damaged, I reserve the right to any reduction in value when reimbursing the work.

5. Unless otherwise agreed, the refund will be processed using the same payment method you used for your original purchase.

5. Copyrights & Publications

1. Copyrights (and other rights attributed to the photographer by Dutch law) of all reports always remain in the possession of Jeths Productions. If you want to use photos for publication, please always contact us in advance.

2. The copyrights of Jeths Productions always rest on the delivered photos. You are buying a photo or print, not the rights to the photo. If you want to use or publish a photo, you must always request prior written permission from Jeths Productions.

3. It is not permitted to reproduce or publish photos or products of Jeths Productions without the prior written permission of Jeths Productions. Digital files are also protected by copyright and therefore only for your own use and not for publication.

6. Jeths Productions may at all times use photos at its own discretion, sell them to third parties, reproduce and publish for both non-commercial and commercial purposes. Jeths Productions is under no obligation to report this to the owner, although we will try to notify you of upcoming publications if possible.

7. If you want to use text or images from Jeths Productions for publications of any kind, please contact Jeths Productions in advance. Appropriate compensation will be discussed.

8. With any form of agreed publication, the photo must clearly state: “Photo: Hans Jeths” or “Photo: Hans Jeths Beeldt”. If this condition is not met, the photographer will be entitled to an additional fee of at least 100% of the amount owed for publication rights.

9. In case of disclosure / publication, the other party must immediately and without cost calculation provide Jeths Productions with a proof copy of the publication.

10. If photographic works have been supplied as a digital file, you will delete and / or destroy them after the agreed use and not store them for reuse. Failure to comply with this obligation or fail to do so on time will not result in the loss of any right of Hans Jeths Beeldt.

11. No use of the photographic work or texts in any way whatsoever is permitted, as long as you have not yet paid any outstanding invoice from Hans Jeths Beeldt or otherwise have not fully complied with any obligation arising from any agreement with Jeths Productions. also.

12. Any use of a photographic work or text that has not been agreed is considered an infringement of the copyright of Jeths Productions. In the event of an infringement, Jeths Productions will be entitled to compensation amounting to at least 3 times the usual fee charged by Jeths for such a form of use, with a minimum of € 300.

6. Licenses

1. Permission for the use of a photographic work by the other party is exclusively granted in writing and in advance in the form of a license as described by Jeths Productions in terms of its nature and scope in the quotation and / or the order confirmation and / or the relevant invoice. .

2. If nothing has been determined regarding the scope of the license, this will never include more than the right to one-off use, in unaltered form, for a purpose, circulation and manner as the parties in entering into the agreement in accordance with the term of the artist.

3. In the absence of a specifically agreed manner of publication and / or defined purpose and / or defined circulation, only those powers are deemed to have been granted that are included as standard in the license or that necessarily follow from the nature and scope of the agreement. result.

4. If permission has been given by Jeths Productions for electronic or other forms of image manipulation, the result can only be used after its express written approval.


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CoC 71370013 | VAT NL001364954B52

Hans Jeths

Amsterdam, January 2021

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