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Beeldt are digital photo collages, which are accompanied by short text fragments or poems. Image and text reinforce, disrupt or confuse each other. In their stories, the characters not only enter into a dialogue with each other, they also seek out the photographer or the actor behind their character. In this way, the viewer ends up in a scene that takes place in an interval of fiction, dream and reality. This invites someone to participate in the scene.

With the combination of image and text I investigate the roles of spectator, actor and character in the moment of time. By questioning them and examining their tipping points, openings are created in the viewer's consciousness. These each bring back their forgotten or lost stories, bring new ones to life or let them change hands.

Leading roles are played by characters on the fringes of society; children, the elderly, clowns, fools, henchmen, troubadours and eccentrics. Film, fantasy and fairytale characters also regularly pass by. They act as key keepers or messengers of lost values or hidden qualities. Their open-mindedness and truthfulness often provides a stage for wonder, fantasy and humor. They tickle the dexterity of the mind and usually ignore time.

I work with photos from nature, of buildings, I make portraits and self-portraits. Some works are made up of several layers. For example, I combine self-portraits with nature photos or I use portraits from old photo archives. I am also inspired by costumes, systemic constellations, meditation, dance and clowning.

During the creative process I go through different guises and roles, that of photographer, writer, actor, model, character and spectator.

I play with fiction, non-fiction and reality. Absurdity, philosophy and humor characterize Beeldt. I find the tension between different fields and worlds interesting. Confusion about indefinable behavior leaves room for reflection and leads to questions and new Beeldt-work.

Hans Jeths, theater maker, performer

From an early age I have been interested in language, images and creating stories. With Beeldt I have found a form in which I allow characters, performers and spectators to question each other in photography and short narratives. This creates 'photo performances', passages to scenes and stories set that take place in interstices of fiction, dream and reality.

In his work Hans Jeths developed play and theater with visual art, poetry, storytelling, photography and film. His roots are in physical theater and clowning.

He does artistic projects and short theatrical productions. He works both alone and in collaboration with others. He makes free work and works on commission. In 2012 he founded Studio Hans Jeths (text in Dutch) where his artistic projects are housed.

In recent years he has regularly worked with photography. In the project Smart Images are photo images with text. Recently he also makes collages, "Oppapier" (‘OnPaper’).

In his projects the emphasis is one time on making, the other time on playing, the other time on making or the other time the emphasis is on making. In addition to his artistic work, he guides creative professionals in their professional and personal development.

My artistic work arises from a need for understanding, change and transformation. Waiting, not knowing and human vulnerability are recurring elements. The empty space is an important source of inspiration for my work, a free area to investigate and lay down my own values and (false) certainties. Here I move between familiar and unknown, between recognition and alienation and between an imaginary and physical reality. The tension between what already exists, what I create and the story that wants to be told fascinates me.

With elements such as slowing down, hushing and not-knowing, openings arise in consciousness and a different awareness of time and space. The boundaries between maker, player and spectator fade or dissolve here. There is direct access to imagination and creativity. Essential values such as trust, beauty, love, humor and truth can come to the surface, in my view the most essential props for afflatus and development.

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